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5 Tips for relaxation

The Easter holidays are over and we hope you had time to take a breath and just relax. But in these turbulent times, this is sometimes difficult.

Therefore, here is an effective tip on how you can find more serenity.

Perhaps you still know the old nursery rhyme, in which each finger is assigned a certain function? Even if you are out of age, try this finger exercise:

5 tips for relaxation

With five fingers to more serenity

This “five fingers” instrument is suitable for a daily review and at the same time as a reminder for these methods. The first letters of the fingers indicate the respective guiding question.

T as in thumb or “Breathed deeply?”:

Did I consciously take a deep breath today to help myself out of acute stress with this “first aid”? Did I imagine while breathing in and out, “I get what I need – I give away what I don’t need”? Have I felt the rise and fall of my belly as I breathe with a hand placed on it, giving me a relaxing mini-break?

I for index finger or “Smiled to me?”:

Did someone smile at me, or did I smile at someone? Or even I smiled at myself – perhaps in the mirror or supported by a smiley – and thus triggered good feelings in me? Did I perhaps even manage, instead of getting upset with someone, to think amusedly, “Strange, what strange people there are?”

M for middle finger or “‘Mmmmh …’ experienced?”:

Did I perceive something through my senses that elicited inward or even audible sounds of enjoyment? Pleasantly heard, smelled, seen, felt, tasted? Maybe something like a “mindful cappuccino break” in which I consciously noticed and enjoyed the scent, appearance and color, consistency and taste of coffee and milk foam?

R for ring finger or “resting break taken?”:

Did I manage to take at least one small break from my activities? With a breathing exercise, a short pleasant daydream around fond memories or anticipation, a walk around the block, even a nap?

L for little finger or “had contact with a living being?”:

Did I have an encounter that gladdened my heart? Had a friendly conversation, received or written a dear mail, petted a dog, hugged a tree?

Allow yourself that one minute and you will see that mindfulness does not have to be an esoteric buzzword that means additional stress, because you also have to meditate, do yoga and light incense ;-)) Whereby – we do not guarantee that through the finger exercise exactly such things can not enter your life in the long run.