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voluntary work

5th November is International Volunteer Management Day.

Tax-free allowance for volunteers 2021

We say thank you to all the volunteers who are committed to the community.

This voluntary work is also recognised by the tax office with a tax-free expense allowance. The prerequisite is that the activity is carried out on a part-time basis.

This lump sum was increased as of 1.1.2021:

  • For exercise instructors who work in a sports club, for example, the lump sum is € 3,000 per year or € 250 per month. This also applies to activities as trainers, educators, supervisors or comparable activities.
  • For voluntary support, the lump sum is € 840 per year or € 70 per month. This tax allowance benefits, for example, activities as a club director, treasurer, groundsman, equipment maintenance, cleaning service, driving parents to children’s away games or voluntary referees in the amateur sector.

Did you know? These flat rates also apply to volunteers at vaccination centres.

  • Part-time volunteers who are directly involved in vaccination (i.e. in educational talks or in the vaccination itself) can claim the lump-sum allowance for trainers for their income.
  • Part-time helpers who are involved in the administration and organisation of vaccination centres receive the honorary flat rate for their income.