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Videofun instead of travel frustration – how you can continue to use video conferencing effectively in the future

In many companies the prescribed home office has led to new forms of communication. Team meetings and customer enquiries were solved with the help of video conferencing systems. Physical distance could thus be eliminated to a certain extent.
Slowly, employees are returning to their offices, and personal customer meetings are possible again – even if only under certain conditions. And, of course, everyone is happy that personal interaction is back. But home office and communication with video conferencing also have their good sides – and you can take advantage of this in the future:

  • All employees are and remain operational, even if they cannot come to the office – even if it only affects a few days, for example because of snow chaos and collapsing traffic.
  • Part-time employees can be better integrated into the team by being able to join in team meetings.
  • Time budget and nerves are spared – for some meetings the arrival and departure time is the same or even longer than the meeting itself.

Maybe now you’re thinking: But why does it need video conferencing? It requires extra technology, and if the Internet is weak, you’re easily annoyed. It’s easier to make phone calls – we’ve always done it this way. Video conferencing offers two major advantages over the telephone call:

You see body language and facial expressions of your counterpart. Even if it sometimes jerks for technical reasons, a closer bond is created than just through the voice.
You can share your screen: the meeting points in a team session where you record the results for all to see. The offer to the client, which you comment live. Or you can develop an idea together using mindmap solutions.*

*Mindmaps are graphically oriented collections of topics, which, starting from a main point, display the sub-points as branches with ramifications

Of course, there are a few rules of the game to follow – depending on whether you are having a team meeting with many participants or a one-to-one conversation with a customer. Here are the most important rules of the game, formulated in such a way that you can make them available to your customers:

  • Please turn off all sources of interference and distractions, such as phone/mobile phone, mail program and other applications like Facebook, Instagram & Co. You may also want to remember to turn Alexa off to ensure privacy.
  • Use a private room or quiet corner to minimize environmental noise.
    If you work from home, ask your family members to be undisturbed during the meeting.
  • You will receive the access link and meeting points from us the day before. If you have any other topics, please send them to us in advance.

hese rules of the game with an explanatory text and further rules for team meetings can be requested from us.
Of course, a video conference is not a full-fledged substitute for sitting at a table with employees and customers.

But it will be a useful addition in the future. Take advantage of the opportunities it offers to minimise travel times and use the home office more often if necessary.

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